Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tyrone: Public Toliets Fear

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Project Payday: Halloween One Block South 2014

This was our first attempt ever at Cosplaying.  Of course it was for a Halloween Mask.  The intentions were good, but not our best effort.  But sharing none-the-less.

Project Payday: The Masks

We have personally come a long way in our quest to cosplay,  here is the example of the different masks that I have had, and the others that we have for friends that occasionally cosplay with us.

Project Payday: Planet Comicon 2015 Kansas City, MO

My cousin and I are just venturing into the Cosplaying world.  This was actually our second big attempt, following Halloween. I think we made vast improvements in the costumes.  We ventured to Planet Comicon with my son and some friends.  It was a blast. I'll be posting more of the pics from the event soon.  These were the main cosplay pics that we took with various characters we encountered.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Superboy Prime's Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

Hello friends! CK here, just your average ordinarily Joe, with absolutely no super powers, working as an Intern for the Fabrication Studios Media Department. Recently, I was asked to help with promotions by putting up my own personal reviews for films. My good friend, Bob, scored us some tickets to go see the Amazing Spider-Man 2. Let me just say upfront that I was stoked. Spider-Man next to Superman truly is an American Icon. Plus, this film had some Oscar winners in it. Total score!

Right off the bat, I could tell that this experience may not be as exciting as I had hoped for. First of all there were these punk kids sitting about 3 rows up that had their cell phones on and just texting up a storm. REALLY PEOPLE!!! If you can't put down the phone for 2 hours to sit back and watch some good old fashioned American Cinema, then maybe you should be waiting for it to hit DVD or become one of these people that go out to those little corner stores and buy a bootlegged version of the movie from some guy named Shady Steve or something. I mean why ruin my experience because you are completely incapable of turning your phone off? I mean my studio, even had the M&M's telling you to turn it off...

Anyways, I digress.

Let me just start by saying that this movie may have just about ruined Spider-Man for me. I honestly cannot wrap my mind around how this thing got made or at least got released in the condition that it was. The film opens up by giving us a glance into the back story of Peter Parker's family. This whole segment was chocked full of bad acting, cliched dialogue, and really poor editing. Not even Paul Giamatti and his horrible Russian accent could put together a decent performance. 

The main villain here is Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx). When watching this movie I felt like I'd seen this performance before. Done better, way back by Jim Carrey as the Riddler in the oh so memorable Batman Forever. Let that thought run through your mind. Jamie Foxx was essentially outperformed by a twenty year old Jim Carrey performance. Sigh!

At this point, I was ready to tell Bob we needed to just go pay a visit to Shady Steve. Those obnoxious kids were at it again. It was at this point that Bob and I resorted to throwing popcorn and threatening to call management (because ,obviously, being lowly interns we were in no condition to take on a pack of rowdy teenagers).

Meanwhile, back in the film, we were introduced to the loveable dysfunctional Osborn family. I supposed at some point we were supposed to feel sorry for young, not James Franco, Harry Osborn.

While I have tried to stay pretty spoiler free up to this point, I do feel I need to touch on this one subject with obvious spoilers.

Don't look below if you want to avoid spoilers.

Seriously..... SPOILERS AHEAD

Are you still here? You don't want spoilers? Why are you still here? HELLO SPOILERS.

Last Warning... Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here... Spoilers be ahead....

Are you still here? Okay good. Back to the review.

With only roughly 30 minutes or so left in film, we are treated with a scene that can be described as only being in the film to further set up the future Sinister Six spin-off film. Here, Harry is turned into the Green Goblin seemingly only with the purpose to kill off Gwen Stacey (a scene that was totally ruined by all the trailers beforehand. OH HOW I HATE YOU SPOILER FILLED TRAILERS) just so the fans can get themselves some Mary Jane in the sequel that we all know is coming. Oh, and we are supposed to believe that Peter doesn't really want to fight Harry because this was established with what felt like the five minutes or so of screen time they spent together. The Green Goblin and Electro are then defeated in unbelievably easy fashion and quickly brushed aside so the director can hurriedly get us to the end of this film.

Despite all of these shortcomings, I still feel that Andrew Garfield was still a pretty good Spider-Man. Emma Stone gave another pretty sound performance, even with the limited material available to her. The action scenes were pretty well done. However, a film requires more than just a bunch of action scenes stitched together to make a decent film. The whole * spoiler filled sentence ahead * death of Gwen Stacey scene and aftermath were for the most part well done and easily some of the best parts of the film.

As we were leaving the theater, Bob and I once again encountered our young hooligan fans. Not wanting to start a confrontation, we both quietly made our exit. We did however hear later on that those same young punks were apprehended by the vigilantes, the totally awesome Superboy Prime and his somewhat as cool sidekick the Sentry. Let that be a message to everyone out there, don't ruin movies for others!!

Finishing up the review here, my overall opinion, if you are a Spider-Man fan, don't see this film. If you are just a fan of movies in general, don't see this film. If this was Sony's plan to draw interest for the numerous spinoff films that were announced, then they failed miserably and may have just killed this franchise. Save your money and go see Guardians of the Galaxy or another “real” Marvel film.

Action 3 ½ Stars
Plot 2 Stars
Acting 2 Stars
Bob's Opinion 1 ½ Stars
Overall 1 ½ Stars