Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pop Culture's Ultimate Baddies the 13 Countdown

13 - It's the 'bad luck' number of modern superstition, so when it's time to chronicle the best evils Pop Culture has ever spawned what better number is there to chose? Counting down to number one (and no that's not the Joker).  Picking some of the most memorable baddies in Pop Culture that are both evil and well known.

13) GOLLUM (THE HOBBIT / LORD OF THE RINGS) Consumed with "hates" for the "Hobbitses" and reclaiming his "Precious" Gollums' mind is fractured, treacherous and violent. Pushing "Sméagol" aside Gollum pays the ultimate price for a life lived in greed over the one ring. The character is now famous and almost a house hold name with some of his very own trademark lines!

12) OZYMANDIAS (WATCHMEN - DC COMICS) Adrian Veidt is no "Republic Serial Villain". Manipulating the media and heroes of the earth, he unleashes evil in the hopes of uniting a divided planet, and in doing so proves even Gods are no match for a little forward planning. While the movie did not do that well, he is forever cemented in many a comic book fans for his role in the comic-book classic the Watchmen.

11) SINESTRO (GREEN LANTERN - DC COMICS) One of the greatest Green Lanterns ever, Sinestro now only wishes to preserve order by establishing the yellow light of fear in the universe, through his 'Sinestro Corps' and imposing himself as the ultimate dictator.  Another person who comes from a movie that did not do so well in which he wasn't even a bad guy in the film.  But in recent years he has stepped up his game and become one of the most feared bad guys in the DCU.

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