Monday, December 31, 2012

Tyrone's Amusing Observation - Kanye Kim K Baby Announcement

Tyrone weighs in on the Kanye West/Kim Kardashian Baby announcement

Jay's Random Thoughts - Playing Action Figures

Jay learns the pains of playing with little kids

Tyrone's Amusing Observations - Tony Romo/Mark Sanchez

If there is one thing Tyrone enjoys its some good trash talking...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Young Guns - Josiah "Doc" Scurlock

The famous character portrayed by Kiefer Sutherland in both Young Guns Films

Young Guns - Billy the Kid

As a kid one of my favorite Westerns were the two Young Guns films, this is an updated version of the Billy the Kid I had done last year, hoping to make a few more from that film.

Tyrone's Amusing Observations - Mayan's Were Wrong

It has finally sunk into Tyrone that he will have to do some last minute shopping for Christmas

Friday, December 21, 2012

From Across the Net

Deadpool and Boba Fett celebrate Christmas like only they can.

From Across the Net

At least we know who to thank for the Mayans being wrong. Let me be the first to say, Thank You Batman! lol

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas in Pop Culture

In certainly one of the stranger Christmas related pics I found, in this Elseworld tale Superman attempts to answer a heartbroken child's pleas by dressing as Santa and delivering gifts, Batman talks him out of it only to steal the idea from him.  Superman did not take that lightly.  Just look.....

Christmas in Pop Culture

The plan is to share 25 pop culture Christmas pics between now and Christmas day, enjoy!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Bearded Aquaman!!

For some reason I have always liked the King of the Sea in his bearded appearances!

Sons of Anarchy: Jax Tellar

With the shows recent season ending here the past week, I thought it was only fitting to post Sons of Anarchy character Jax Tellar!

League of Supermen: Red Son Superman

I've always enjoyed the Elseworld tales and the different takes on familiar characters, Red Son Supermen is another evil version of Superman that is a member of the League.

League of Supermen: The Sentry

The Sentry is the first non-DC comic related member of the League of Supermen

League of Supermen: Mister Majestics

Another character that will be joining the League, Mister Majestics!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Jay and SBP's Pop Culture Year in Review - Disney buys Star Wars

Getting a late start to December's theme but including characters from both Hollyweird Living and League of Supermen in this one.  Jay and SBP bring you the highlights of the year in pop culture.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Movie Villains: Bill the Butcher (Gangs of New York)

I always liked the movie Gangs of New York and thought that Daniel Day-Lewis was great in the role of Bill the Butcher that character you loved to hate.  Here is the Hollyweird version of him.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Legion of Supermen

Been working on coming up with some ideas for some other semi-regular comic strips set in the world of Hollyweird.  The security team's Badges strip should become a more regular thing and the first set outside of Fabrication Studio will be called Legion of Supermen starring several of the actors that have portrayed Supermen in film and television as well as the comics.  Should hopefully be a comical look at the characters.  Here is a teaser promo for it.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

How Bad Can He Be? ..... The Once-ler

My kids have been watching this movie a lot lately and asked me to make a Hollyweird version of the Once-Ler from the Lorax.